Inexpensive Car Hire in Liberia

Liberia is the capital as well as the largest city of the Guanacaste province that is located in Costa Rica. Being about 134 miles from San Jose, you would need to go for Liberia car rental providers, so that you can visit the capital of Costa Rica or the neighbouring cities. Facilities such as parking fee waiver, third party liability insurance, collision damage waiver, would be provided to you free of cost if you go to get a rental car from Liberia car rental providers. In case you face any problems regarding the online booking of your rental car in Liberia car rental providers, there are 24x7 customer care representative, who would talk you through the entire process and provide solutions to your problem.


Liberia - Warm & Friendly Locals

Liberia is a regional hub of the country of Costa Rica, especially the north-west portion. There are many people who feel that this is one of the best places that they can visit, due to the fact that it is of a very homely environment, and the people as well as the natives of this place are very friendly. Many people tend to hire a car in Liberia, and go and visit the modern church as well as the various shops and restaurants that are prevalent all over the city.

Rent a car in Liberia, and you would get access to an expo, which is held each and every year in the month of July, and attended by people from all over the world. You could also go and see the Pacific Coast beach that goes by the name of Playa del Coco and Playa Hermosa. These two beaches are very famous, and have entertained a lot of tourists from all over the world, as well as the local residents.

For the ultimate thrill in a rental car, you should go for Liberia car hire providers.