Hire a Car in Escazu at Economical Prices

Escazu is the capital city of the Canton of Escazu and happens to be a province in the San Jose in Costa Rica. In order to avail facilities such as airport tax waiver, third party liability insurance, provided to you free of cost, you should go for Escazu car rental providers. There is also the online booking facility that is available in Escazu car rental providers. If you go for Escazu car rental providers, then you would get a lot of choices in order to get the best rental car that would be suitable to your budget.


Visit the Breathtaking Landscapes of Escazu

Escazu is located about 90 km from the capital city of San Jose. You would need to hire a car in Escazu, so that you can travel to the capital, if you're in need of any necessary amenities or any such thing for that matter. One of the main reasons that people actually travel by private transport in these regions is that they can visit a lot of places with the help of private transportation, and they can see for themselves the sea beach, as the city is in close proximity to the ocean.

Escazu is also a place in which the climate is mostly tropical, and you would find that the climate is very suitable for most of the sightseeing that you would do when you go out for it. Lying above 1000 metres of the sea coast, you would find that the natural landscape of this entire city to be simply breath-taking and the marketplace is more often than not filled with a lot of stuff that you can take back home and something that can help you remember this place by. Its unique distinction would also be the presence of the only IMAX theatre that you would find in the entire country of Costa Rica.

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